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  1. Sensory Touch Tag Cushions 6 pack

    Sensory Touch Tags Cushions

    From £29.00

    Inclusive and interactive learning.  The Touch Tag range uses six different textures and colours to create a rich, sensory learning experience.  Children of all abilities can enjoy exploring the resources using sight and touch senses.  Their lightweight portability means learning can be easily moved from the classroom into a sensory room and even outdoors too!

    • Fidgety fingers solution.  The touch tags resources are designed to provide a comforting outlet for fidgety fingers and allow children to concentrate on learning.  The various seating options can also encourage good posture throughout early years and Key Stages 1 and 2.
    • Proprioceptive input.  Deep pressure from bean filled or foam filled cushions creates an ideal source or proprioceptive input.  Children can enjoy the lights and sounds of a sensory environment all from the calming soft space of a Touch Tag seat.
    • Available as Carry Cushions individually or as a set of six with a free carry bag.  (Cushions are 40cm diameter)
    • Support Seat for individuals (H25 x W70 x D54cm)
    • Large Floor Cushion (W100 x L125cm)

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  2. Sensory Mood Light Table

    Sensory Mood Light Table

    From £149.99

    This is a new addition to our Sensory Mood Light range. The ultra-strong illuminated hollow plastic table is an aesthetically pleasing cotton reel shape, and can be placed around the room or used in a sensory den to provide a softly lit table unit. Using the remote control you can choose one of 16 different colours or set to fade smoothly through the entire spectrum of shades from a cool ultra-violet to a warm red. The appearance is mesmeric and the colour spreads evenly throughout the whole shape.

    The Sensory Light tables starts to develop and engage the childrens senses. A sensory light is the safe way to explore and interact without risk

    The table is powered by safe low voltage mains power supply, and with a 6 hour charge cycle it can be used wherever required, providing an average of 10 hours of light inside or out. Water resistant rated IP65 and tested up to 80Kg of load.


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  3. Sensory Mood Lights

    Sensory Mood Lights

    From £69.95

    These strong illuminated hollow plastic forms are aesthetically pleasing and can be placed around the room or be used in a sensory den to provide background lighting or a mood inducing light.

    • All come supplied with a remote control
    • Choose from 16 colours or phase through all colours slowly
    • The lights are low voltage and re-chargeable
    • A 6 hour charge provides 8 hours of light
    • Lights can be used inside or outdoors
    • The Cubes make for an excellent seat
    • Water resistant to IP65
    • Five shapes available

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  4. Colour Changing Light Panel

    Colour Changing Light Panel

    From £154.95

    Colour changing light panels offer the opportunity to explore the effects of colour mixing, opacity and transparency and to observe natural and man-made objects in an interesting and different way

    • Powered by a low voltage mains power supply
    • Uses LED strips and diffusers to evenly illuminate the panel in any one of 20 colours.
    • Using an infrared remote control the panel can be set for an individual colour
    • Can also be set to to rotate through a sequence of colours slowly via a smooth fade, flash or strobe setting. 

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  5. Wooden Light Table

    Wooden Light Table

    From £139.95
    • LED light table with wooden surround, touch switch technology and adjustable height.
    • A perfect addition to any sensory room or early childhood setting
    • Stimulates childrens imagination with colour
    • Table measures 600 x 600mm
    • 500 x 500mm light area
    • Adjustable legs offer a height choice of 280 or 400mm
    • Includes light panel power pack (rechargeable)

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